What a Difference a Week Makes!


The weather the past couple of weeks has been warm and sunny and the garden has been celebrating by growing!

The garden area I have available isn’t as large as I would like but it’s enough to bring me great satisfaction as I watch everything grow and begin to harvest the bounty.

Yesterday, some of this kale became oven roasted chips. Just a drizzle of olive oil, kosher salt, and 10-15 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees. Yum!

We’ve been snacking on raw peas fresh from the vine all week. Every bite is like a taste of childhood!

And my tomatoes! Oh my! They’re covered in blossoms and should be starting to set fruit any day now. I’m thrilled with what they’re doing…all from seeds I nurtured from the beginning too!

The purple pole bean appear to have enjoyed the warmer weather. Look closely and you’ll see the start of beans.

I like how this little white picket fence contains and sets off the nasturtium, don’t you?

There are lots of spaghetti squash coming.

And by the looks of things we’ll be overrun with zucchini in no time. (Neighbors: don’t leave your car doors unlocked our you may find a gift of a zucchini waiting for you when you return!)

But it’s not all veggies growing around here. The hydrangea is blooming and, thanks to the bone meal I sprinkled around them early in the spring, some of the blossoms have bluish tinge.

And the morning glory on a sunny morning! Spectacular!

Even the tiny borage blossoms are a source of beauty and satisfaction as I watch them grow.

The growth in the space of the past week has been phenomenal and the forecast is for more sunny weather in the week ahead. We’ll be feasting and enjoying the fruit of our garden labor! What’s growing well in your garden right now?


Still Waiting for Summer


It’s June 29 today and we’re still waiting for summer to arrive. We have had a few warm-ish weekends so far but Gerry and I are eagerly anticipating warmer (oh please may it be so) ones to come.

Meanwhile, despite our lack of sunshine and warm weather things in the garden have been progressing.

I harvested some lettuce and radishes for a salad for dinner. It is so satisfying to be able to go outside and pick fresh food to eat, isn’t it? I have one stubborn lettuce plant that decided on its own to stay the winter. I cut lettuce and it just keeps giving me more!

The nasturtium is doing well. I think I’ll go out and pick the few flowers that are there to enjoy in our salad this evening.

The borage is almost ready to bloom. This is my first year growing this plant. I’ve read that the flowers can be used in cheeses and plan to do some experimenting.

The carrots and kale are coming along nicely but the beets don’t seem to be as happy. Perhaps I’ll try sowing another row this weekend and see what happens.

There are lots of flowers on the pea vines and they’re growing taller by the day.

It won’t be long before we’ll be able to shell peas, pop one in our mouth, and be instantly transported back to childhood!

The tomatoes remain happy along the south side of the house. The Red Delicious Cherry plants must be three feet tall and are covered with blossoms. I can’t wait for that first taste of fresh tomato!

The pole beans are growing taller every day. In addition to providing food they’ll be providing some privacy for us when we’re enjoying time in the hot tub (which we turn down to be a cool tub in the summer months).

The faeries are looking forward to warmer weather too. Meantime they’re dancing and thinking about Jaxon, Makiya, and Peyton.

Still, the rainy weather has its own charms. I like the way the drops of water look on the leaves of my hosta.

I’m delighted with the how the lilies are doing. They multiplied since last year and are going to be quite spectacular!

The orange one reminds me of the Tiger Lily which is the official flower of Saskatchewan. I’ve got to keep an eye out and get one of those for the garden too.

This is the third year for this lavender and it’s looking much better this year. It’s nestled in a bed at the front of our house. Right behind it is the clematis; it’s doing extremely well this year compared to last year. Gerry even had put up some new trellis’ for it to climb on.

All in all, I’m generally pleased with how the garden is doing, though I do wish the sun would shine more.

A Happy Mother’s Day

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I could not have wished for a more perfect weather day today. That it’s Mother’s Day and I have been blessed to talk to my kids has made it absolutely perfect.

Around the garden, the peas have been enjoying the warmer days.

We (actually Gerry) put up the netting for the sweet peas today.

The I put some grass clipping mulch around the beans today. They’re doing well and we’re looking forward to a wall of beans in the summer months.

The spaghetti squash is growing.

I put tomato cages inside of the Walls O’ Water because I had a problem with a few of them falling down nearly crushing my precious plants.

The hosta looks happy.

It won’t be long until the peony is blooming.

The wisteria smells, and looks, heavenly.

And I’m still smitten with my petunias.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Mother’s Day too!

Tomato Update and My New Favorite Petunia

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Well, they’re in the ground.

Two Red Delicious Cherry, two Pruden’s Purple, two Stupice, and one lone Brandywine. (Alas, I’m sad to report I lost one of the Brandywines. I had two more started in the greenhouse but after a certain mishap this afternoon I now have one left in the greenhouse.)

Three of them are tucked safely in under Walls O’ Water because there were only three in the package I purchased this morning. The rest are under glass cloches for the night–it’s a contest to see which ones turn out to be the happiest. I’m loving these Walls O’ Water though, and sorely tempted to purchase more tomorrow.

This afternoon I laid drip irrigation and covered the bed with this red plastic that I recently learned is especially good to use for tomato mulch.

Then, I dug seven holes and filled each one with a concoction of three baby aspirin (my “recipe” said to use one regular aspirin but I couldn’t find any in the house), bone meal, worm castings (thank you Worm Hotel!), and fish parts. We were never able to find the coveted fish heads, but got fish tails and other assorted parts from the meat counter person at Fred Meyer.

After filling each hole with water and waiting for it to drain, I gently settled the tomato plants into their new homes. Some of the plants still had remnants of the original newspaper pots I had planted seeds in. That was kind of cool to see.

I’ve come farther this year than ever before in my quest to grow tomatoes from seed. Now that they’re in the ground I’m almost holding my breath waiting to see if they’ll “take” and be happy. It’s true. A mother’s work and worry is never done. Even for a tomato plant mother.

On another note we spent a fun morning visiting a couple of local nurseries while was on my quest for the Walls O’ Water and I found the most unusual petunias I’ve ever seen!

The photography in no way does justice to this flower because at the time I was struggling with not allowing myself to go across the street and do bodily harm to the neighbor who had been using a power-tool of some sort for the past hour.

(Headache? Well yes, I certainly did have a headache by that time.)

Nevertheless, isn’t this the most unusual petunia you’ve ever seen! I bought three plants and can’t wait to see how they look in a month or so!

I also picked up a few flowers to put in my strawberry pot.

And Gerry bought a Himalayan Blue Poppy plant to replace the one he finally confessed to killing a couple of years ago.

All in all, it’s been a great day. Hoping for sunshine and warmer weather tomorrow though.