What a Difference a Week Makes!


The weather the past couple of weeks has been warm and sunny and the garden has been celebrating by growing!

The garden area I have available isn’t as large as I would like but it’s enough to bring me great satisfaction as I watch everything grow and begin to harvest the bounty.

Yesterday, some of this kale became oven roasted chips. Just a drizzle of olive oil, kosher salt, and 10-15 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees. Yum!

We’ve been snacking on raw peas fresh from the vine all week. Every bite is like a taste of childhood!

And my tomatoes! Oh my! They’re covered in blossoms and should be starting to set fruit any day now. I’m thrilled with what they’re doing…all from seeds I nurtured from the beginning too!

The purple pole bean appear to have enjoyed the warmer weather. Look closely and you’ll see the start of beans.

I like how this little white picket fence contains and sets off the nasturtium, don’t you?

There are lots of spaghetti squash coming.

And by the looks of things we’ll be overrun with zucchini in no time. (Neighbors: don’t leave your car doors unlocked our you may find a gift of a zucchini waiting for you when you return!)

But it’s not all veggies growing around here. The hydrangea is blooming and, thanks to the bone meal I sprinkled around them early in the spring, some of the blossoms have bluish tinge.

And the morning glory on a sunny morning! Spectacular!

Even the tiny borage blossoms are a source of beauty and satisfaction as I watch them grow.

The growth in the space of the past week has been phenomenal and the forecast is for more sunny weather in the week ahead. We’ll be feasting and enjoying the fruit of our garden labor! What’s growing well in your garden right now?


Could Have Been the Whiskey, Might Have Been the Gin

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Okay not really, but as I surveyed the vegetable garden this morning and took note of the magnitude of growth that happened seemingly overnight, that song was going through my head.

Maybe instead of whiskey and gin, I should have been humming “Could Have Been the Compost, Might Have Been the Whey” because those are the treats I’ve been feeding my vegetables recently–not whiskey and gin.

Thanks to the Worm Hotel and our larger outdoor compost bin there has been no shortage of compost around here this year. And as I’ve forayed into the world of making cheese and yogurt I’ve had a surprising amount of whey to spare as well.

I’ve spread compost around the plants and worked it into the soil in the garden. A good part of it also went into a bucket where I’m trying my hand at growing meconopsis, also known as Himalayan Blue Poppies–more to come on that experiment soon. I mixed the whey with water to dilute and used it to water plants in the garden.

Peas! The vines are taller than me!

I’m so proud of these tomato plants! They’re like my children as I’ve nurtured them from seed.

This WILL be the year we feast on heirloom tomatoes grown completely by moi!

We’ll be overrun with zucchini before you know it.

Beets. Beautiful to look at; delicious to eat.

These carrots are growing bigger right before my eyes it seems.

How are things looking in your garden? What treats (other than whiskey and gin!) have you been feeding your veggies?